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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and unseemly. >> and how about. i can't get to it. >> and we'll take up. we'll take up obamacare next the lauren: breaking news. nfl players refuse to honor flag after president trump criticizes the league. if all this bad for business? train to expand the travel ban to eight nations including north korea and venezuela. lauren: gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare on the brink of collapse while republicans still push for tax reform this week. train to start speaking out the second week of gains despite shenanigans in washington. slightly lower open. transfer european investors for
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angela merkel gets a fourth term. european stocks opening next. true into japan's nikkei rose half a percent south korea. the kospi following .35%. "fbn:am" starts right now. trying to 5:01 a.m. in new york on monday, september 25th. cheryl: i'm cheryl casone. quite this sunday for nfl fans yesterday. never seen anything like this movie. you have more than 200 nfl players that did not stand for the national have been yesterday with the steelers, titans and seahawks saying off the field completely other team for the national anthem. all of this in response to president trump same protesting player should be fired or suspended.
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>> and when you get on your knee and don't respect the american flag or the intent, -- this has nothing to do with race. i never said anything about race. >> a lot of guys a lot of guys reps have better things president trump said or he would imply we couldn't exercise their first amendment rights as a player. >> give a lot of respect for the guys to play and without them it's not a great game. lauren: nfl attendance and ratings way down. boring game, yes, but many stayed away because they love our country. we should back the u.s. now concerns over declining viewership and advertising. talk about how this reflects businesses chaired max. the question for us today, is it good for better business? >> it can't be good for
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business. good morning, what an interesting sunday. one analyst suggests 10% ratings drop of the nfl could lead to $200 million in losses in operating income for the nfl broadcasters. we only have data on the first two weeks of the season and they were down 13% and 15% respectively in the first two weeks of the nfl regular season. we also had hurricane irma. lester the presidential election took away a lot of attention. we love competition and if there is something that's really a larger story coming yesterday if the anthems were not covered on the nfl games, ratings were tremendous because it's an interesting story. but it could be great losses. the ratings are down and wasting stock drops in the last month. all the networks to broadcast the nfl have seen 1% to a percent drop in the stock market was the whole experiment. whether or not there's a
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connection we don't know. trade did this all started last year with colin kaepernick in the san francisco 49ers on the field for over a year. what about nfl commissioner roger goodell, who by the way is up for reelection if you will from nfl owners. do you think he's handled this correctly and you think maybe he let this get out of hand? >> it is easy from anyone in our event football stadiums fans from the living room to say he screwed up and didn't do this the right way. there is a lot here. this is so much more than just a business. we are at a crossroads in our country right now within intersection between politics and sports like we've never seen mixed in with race and potentially more. his job is so much more than nfl commissioner as far as what is trying to manage. could he have handled this better? sure. they should've put the foot down early on.
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you kneel for the anthem, your row. this is a private business and we couldn't do at her. i want to take a knee and politics and sports. there is a need for us to have this outlet. lauren: that is something that treasury secretary stephen mnuchin said. there's so many rules in the nfl but no rule on this. seemed to reach a fever pitch when it's not onerous and hundreds of players linked arms, taken near not going to field altogether. i wonder if i'm in the end bring solidarity to the cause. >> is not an interesting irony we saw that. i think it's a coincidence yesterday was one of the most exciting nfl sundays we've seen. yesterday did it for you. some amazing games and players are on enough to show this is who we are in watch us. we are the best in the world. lauren: there were a lot of these players booed by fans yesterday. i actually believe the nfl is
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making a big mistake. i don't think roger goodell has handled this correctly. remember who your fan base are. people live all across the country to respect the five covers serve in the military and police departments across the country. you're disrespecting all of them. >> i think few would argue that. he could be accused of being hypocritical as far as policy the way it goes. look, we have football. the nfl red sunset if you want to watch this, there's a lot of coverage. we are going to go back to the games right now because that is what unites us. lauren: chair ed, thank you. you'll be back for more on this in the highlights of the game itself later on in the show. breaking news overnight. president trump has approved new travel restrictions affecting people coming to the united states from eight countries. under the new rules which take effect october 18th, most than north korea, chad, iran, libya,
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somalia, venezuela and yemen will be banned from entering the u.s. north korea and venezuela not listed in the earlier ban. officials say valid visas would not be revoked under the new rules. comes controversial bands expired yesterday enough to make up a the new one, cheryl. cheryl: make or break time now for the senate to repeal and replace obamacare and this may now be on life support. saturday's deadline to pass with a simple 51 vote majority. key senators have come out against the bill. senator ted cruz is in no and susan collins finds that quote very difficult to imagine a scenario where she wouldn't support it. >> we are trying to win or lose support at the last couple senators to get there. there's no democrat support for, so a vote of the 52 republican seeking 49. all 48 democrats opposed. same case this week. we need to make sure the last
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couple republicans we went over. lauren: senator rand paul has said we would not vote for the legislation. >> the graham-cassidy bill keeps most of the obamacare spending, almost all of the spending and reshuffles in block grants it to the states. i don't think law granting obamacare doesn't make it go away because you're keeping all the money we've been spending, most of it, reshuffling at, giving it to republican states. re/max interpublic and sending billions of dollars to the bill in an effort to win support from gop senators who may be against it. today the senate finance finance committee holds a hearing on graham-cassidy. [inaudible conversations] meanwhile, republicans to, republicans drew the other tax reform plan on monday. secretary stephen mnuchin says the proposal will not lower taxes on the rich. president trump discussed the plan with reporters before
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boarding air force one yesterday. >> we have a tax plan that is totally finalized. i think it will be terrific. i think it's going to go through and it will be the largest tax cut in the history of our country. cheryl: commerce secretary wilbur ross says the tax reform plan will lower corporations in order to stimulate the economy and help boost job growth. the question is that going to be 15%. it seems that even though the white house is still pushing for 50%, analysts say lauren: trump said 15% that they might have to negotiate. cheryl: that might be a negotiation. lauren: at bluebird fighting back after decision to ban the company from doing business in london. cheryl: tracee carrasco joins us north out another headlines. tracee, good morning. train further preparing its legal appeal trying to meet with regulators who refuse to reissue its operating license in london.
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uber was blindsided by the decision last friday that it is unfit to operate in the city. the agency transport for london cited a general lack of corporate responsibility like uber's support from driver background checks. uber has been circulated an online petition asking users to call in london to back down. the petition is 640,000 supporters. uber will operate as usual during the appeal process that could take months. the license set to expire september 30th. cheryl: maria bartiromo made the point that those battalions are big money in london has fallen. what's going on with facebook? tracee: last week faced victory proposal that would issue a new class of nonvoting shares to the general public. the restructuring would've allowed ceo mark zuckerberg to retain control of the company was selling his own shares to
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fund his philanthropic endeavors. facebook stock is increased in value 57% since the stock split proposal was announced in april 2016. the decision came days before zuckerberg was set to testify in court after a group of shareholders assuming the company's board over the proposal. lauren: white castle is headed overseas? tracee: white castle stepping over into china for western food. rice and beef consumption in a train for smaller portions to make a case for expansion there. open two stores in shanghai this past summer and hopes to eventually open more. like other fast food chains that have moved into the market, white castle adding open flavor in addition to its hamburgers the menu includes meatless basie tofu burger which is a classic sl is the cherry dock slider made with drenched cherry size.
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cheryl: usually i can appreciate food stories, but not sure about that one. lauren: will see how people take little fighters that that in china. she's got some more news coming out. we've got this story. atm in puerto rico imposing a new flood threat with thousands of people there. we will have the latest on the situation and the devastation in puerto rico. hurricane maria a threat as well. caroline is watching her next move. so is fox news meteorologist adam klotz. i'm your monday, slightly down. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ usaa to me means
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peace of mind. we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. lauren: stay away or be swept away. the latest one from the national weather service in puerto rico's capital, san juan. thousands of homes downstream from the dam in a flash flooding after suffering major damage after hurricane maria. 70,000 ready and have told to evacuate you will completely collapse and become engaged. puerto rico's governor's urging those in the area to get out now. they saw this coming,
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cheryl: no electricity. they can't take cash. gas stations are flooded and if you don't have cash on the island of puerto rico, you have nothing. >> the old-school landline, but once we turn the dial, people still have those are able to call out. cheryl: the hurricane is so devastating and you've got parts of the east coast here bracing for life-threatening impact from hurricane maria. it could waves of up to seven feet and dangerous rip currents. lauren: fox meteorologist adam klotz with more. reporter: such a massive star when you are talking about puerto rico. it is weakening a bit but it is beginning to see at least some impact on the east coast. some of the outer bands running into the carolinas early this morning. those are general thunderstorms. you see the storm still way off out to sea. winds currently at 80 miles an hour. a category one storm will continue to weaken in the next
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couple days as it eventually had further north and takes a very sharp churn out to sea, which is the best news of all. see the general motion and a quick turn. as it moves to the north, you'll see more of an impact along the carolinas and the outer banks areas that just came and checked out to sea. no surprise here that got tropical storm watches and warnings stretching across north carolina and that's it if you see the current track you a lift to the north, get close enough to bring heavy rains and rains and some links to the outer banks in the next really tomorrow will be the timeframe for this. do we fail to seize baghdad away from the center of the system but it makes the u.s. coast here. you will be looking folks along most folks as they say in your days. i think on the outer banks they will be choppy up and down the
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coast here we are not talking about rainfall numbers so this is more of a notion event coming up on shore in tuesday and wednesday. cheryl: finally some good news. thank you at adam klotz in the weather center. lauren: a shooting yesterday killing one person, injuring seven others. a live report on the situation and the suspect behind the carnage. wal-mart calls that direct your fridge. but do you really want them delivering groceries to your home and putting them inside your refrigerator when you are not home? u.s. stock market futures this monday morning down slightly. nasdaq futures down for. we will be right back. you are watching "fbn:am."
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cheryl: welcome back. let's get you caught up in what's happening now. german chancellor angela merkel won in a fourth term in the post yesterday but she won't have enough without a big coalition. the right-wing nationalist party member, two of the german parliament for the first time since 1957. rescuers in mexico continuing to dig through rubble despite a second earthquake in saturday. within 400 people died in two previous quakes. experts say the chances of finding survivors has declined sharply over the weekend. general electric abv 2.6 billion. they make electrical equipment
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for utility companies. this is assigned john flannery is moving ahead with efforts to streamline the company. you know what that means, lauren. cutting costs. lauren: major story yesterday. shooting at a tennessee church that left one person dead and seven injured after a masked gunman opened fire sunday night. an armed usher being hailed a hero for taking on the shooter. live in tennessee with the very latest for us. good morning coming trillion. it's been a good morning lot of details to come for sure. we are at the scene of the church where police wrapped up their investigation a couple hours ago out here yesterday scouring the scene searching for any details for 39-year-old melanie smith was shot and killed as she left sunday services around 11:00 yesterday morning. six others were injured inside the church. here so we know that the shooter right now. he's in police custody and charged with murder.
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his name is amanda simpson, 20 federal legal u.s. resident amateur from sudan in 1996. parishioners from the church tell us they used to see and hear a sunday services. years ago he is to be a member here and come to sunday services but they haven't seen in a while. people tell us they didn't recognize him yesterday because he was wearing a mask. we hear stories of heroism coming from this tragedy. last night we were here run 9:00 p.m. local time talking to a woman in the church when this happened. she was here trying to pick up her car. they weren't able to pick it up all day because of the investigation. she told us what happened basically when the gunmen entered the church, the pastor saw him and screamed to everybody get out, run. everybody started running from this gene than six people were injured inside the church. the pastor is one piece than being called a hero. the other is a 22-year-old named robert engle told he got into an
5:25 am
altercation with the gunman inside the church. he was shot thereof are was shot thereof are and will read into his car get his gun and catch the gunman at the scene until police could get there and take him away. a lot of people said this to people with euros. without then they don't know how much worse it could have been. let's listen. >> just heard that three gunshot and the little girl shut the door. i heard somebody say get down. >> when i realized their life, i just started pouring out crying. i know i'm 10 and i'm supposed to be tough. i just couldn't hold it in. reporter: also the one that we were talking to last night, i asked her directly, when this happened, did you know what was going on? when you're in a situation coming of the difference between gunfire in fireworks. the fbi has opened a civil rights investigation. back to you.
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cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up on the show including this. summer may be over but there is a big box office winner. key man, the golden circle raking in the cold. >> if you get blood on the carpet, you have to take the carpet. >> i can't stand the sight of blood. cheryl: we'll tell you i'll stop the weekend box office numbers. wal-mart delivering groceries to your fridge when you're not home? well, think about it. we'll have the story coming out. stock market futures slightly lower open. you are watching "fbn:am." nice mike -- ♪
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cheryl: breaking news this morning. nfl players refusing to honor nation's flag after prison term criticizes the league is all this bad for business. transit account administration expanded travel ban to eight nations including venezuela north korea. cheryl: cheer peep into place upon the cure may be on the collapse. lauren: u.s. stocks eked out a second day last week. slightly lower. cheryl: europe investors. angela merkel getting a fourth term european stock opening makes. >> japan's nikkei risen half of 1%. prime minister abe calling for the south korean custody following the third of 1%. tragedy at church. one person killed, seven others injured when a parishioner goes on a rampage.
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"fbn:am" starts right now. 5:31 a.m. here in new york. monday, september 24th. good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: i am a lauren simonetti. what a week in the sport in protest of travel ban breaking overnight. the restrictions affecting people come into the country from these eight countries. they take effect october 18. the citizens of north korea, chad, iran, libya, somalia, venezuela and yemen. north korea and venezuela were not listed in the earlier band. valid visas would not be revoked under these new restrictions. controversial ban on six mostly muslim countries expired yesterday said this is his third travel ban. cheryl: the white house of
5:32 am
course having to let the courts know they've done a revision heading to the supreme court. also in washington, it's now make or break time for the senate to repeal and replace obamacare. this bill may be doa. they need a simple supports have come out against the bill. she finds it very difficult to imagine the scenario where she would support it. more senators for support here. the effort to kill obamacare is not dead. >> we're trying to win over the support of the last couple senators. best time in the senate to 52 republicans regained 49. all 48 democrats opposed. that'll be the the same case this week we need to make sure the republicans we went over. lauren: senator rand paul said
5:33 am
he won't vote for the legislation. take a listen. >> the graham-cassidy bill keeps most of the obamacare spending, almost all of the spending and reshuffles it in block grants it to this tape. i don't think block granting obamacare makes it go away. it just means you're keeping the money we've been spending to obamacare, most of it, reshuffling, taking money from democrat states and giving it to republican states. cheryl: senator cruz and mike lee sat down at graham-cassidy and asked for cuts and they didn't care. all an effort to win republican senators support who might be against it through the senate finance committee holds a hearing on the graham-cassidy proposal today. cheryl: husker du tax reform, republicans are to reveal this wednesday. stephen mnuchin says he will not lower taxes, just the 1%.
5:34 am
they discuss a plan before boarding air force one yesterday. >> where the tax plan does totally finalized. i think it will be terrific. i think it's going to go through. it will be the largest tax cut in the history of our country. cheryl: using the word cut good wilbur ross says the tax reform plan will lower taxes on corporations in order to stimulate the economy and boost job growth. the big question is it going to be 15%? lauren: is going to be lower than what it is now. cheryl: that's the good news. lauren: maybe we will find out on wednesday. you were asleep at the wheel if you didn't see this. 200 nfl players not standing for the national anthems with the steelers, titans and seahawks fan off the field entirely for the national anthem. all of this in response to president trump seen protesting players should be fired or suspended. >> and when you get on your knee
5:35 am
and you don't respect the american flag with the anthem -- [inaudible] >> this has nothing to do with race. i never said anything about race. >> president trump said he would imply an exercise their first amendment has players. >> not only earn teammates, but guys who play against them. without them it's not a great game. lauren: nfl attendance and ratings are way down. boring game has, but many stayed away because they love our country. there are concerns over declining viewership as well as declining advertising revenue. cheryl: there is a phrase know your audience. football fans love the flag and our country. lauren: nascar is already saying don't even think of protesting or your route. cheryl: he told me he wasn't going to have any of that on the field. we'll see what happens tonight.
5:36 am
they are playing the cardinals. warner was out, comedy and at the box office this weekend. lauren: tracie carrasco, to a few carrasco, don't vote the same movies over the weekend, please join us at the box office and other headlines making news. cheryl: i did not see any movies, but the kings men about ultra secret agent tops the box office and begin the rare sequel in its opening weekend bringing in an estimated $9 million in the u.s. and canada. they brought an additional $61 million in from overseas. the lego ninja go movie disappointed with $21.2 million in the weekend's other new release comes social media horror film friend requests bringing in $2.4 million. so amazon is in the food business but it's actually look into getting the the food business in a different way.
5:37 am
tracee: i think they're a little late to the game on this one which is a surprise because usually they are the ones leading everyone, looking to expand amazon restaurants which means it's only a matter of time when males from chipotle and shake shack are delivered right to your front door. amazon partnering with a company that supplies digital ordering and payment software to over 200 restaurant. close to creamery, five guys in check shack. they will be carried out that amazon restaurants after they process the orders. the service will be available to amazon prime members and so far the only chain thing on his hookah tobacco, but i'm sure the others well. lauren: everything is only available to prime members. cheryl: speaking of delivery, wal-mart once and they knew. unique, strange. if you hate putting groceries away, wal-mart are teaming up to
5:38 am
eliminate this tour for my life. testing it in home delivery contact, dropping off packages inside your home even when you are not there, putting groceries away in your refrigerator. help works to place an order on and when your order is ready, a driver from the delivery service will bring the items to your home. if you know you'll be away when they arrive you can offer is a one-time passcode so the delivery person can enter your home and put the groceries away. as far as security users will be able to keep track of the driver through the gap. this is tested right now in silicon valley. only a handful of users. cheryl: we are both confused. the august lockbox? tracee: it's all part of this obvious smartphone device. with that comes i guess the security system that you were able to track through the app. so you feel more comfortable with a stranger?
5:39 am
>> i guess that's about to make you feel more comfortable. if you have a security camera, you can access that through the app. it all goes through this august at. tracee: i'm surprised wal-mart is taking this on. i don't know if it's going to work. how long until someone gets robbed. lauren: i also don't like strangers in the house. as republicans get fit to take the plan off to cut taxes, the question is when they cut corporate tax rates will they raise taxes on the wealthy? we'll take a look at that. free speech week in berkeley, california canceled. we will tell you why. you are watching "fbn:am".
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lauren: welcome back. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. terror church yesterday during sunday mass. when a gunman wearing a clown mask killed one person and injured seven others. he was pistol whipped when he confronted the gunman is being called a hero today. the gunman was injured but was released from the hospital in police custody and will be charged for attempted murder.
5:43 am
putting today's referendum on support for independence. fears of instability across the region as the war against asia's winds down. likely to approve the referendum but the nonbinding vote is not expected to result in any dependents. the u.s. anyone have condemned the referendum. organizers of the far right speaker series on the you see berkeley canceled or event which was supposed to take off yesterday. attempting to hold an event of his son when he was dozens of counter protesters. the poster itself is let itself is with them, made a speech before he was escorted out after 20 minutes. cheryl, that's what's happening now. cheryl: to free speech is okay, just not at berkeley. speaking of free speech and freedom, a big freedom, that we can washington republican lawmakers set to release their tax reform plan. the details on wednesday but is that bipartisan support?
5:44 am
anthony chan is with us. good morning. this is the big question because obviously have the market performs on the economy, all of this based on whether the tax reform package can get through. do you think bipartisan is possible? >> it is possible in their reason for that as we say the rates moderated a little bit. they are not progressive for the 15%. the level of interest rate is going to be much higher than originally desired by the president. and of course if they get the dynamic scoring income which means the $1.5 trillion of revenue loss can someone be made up by faster economic growth. i think you are starting to get at least a resemblance of the possibility of bipartisanship. but this is still a 2018 issue, not necessarily something that will go through in 2017.
5:45 am
cheryl: the promises it will be retroactive for 2017 is pretty much hogwash. >> i don't think that's going to be so easy. cheryl: that makes a lot of sense. in particular the corporate tax rate. the president, the white house behind the scenes but white house officials speaking out in "the wall street journal" saying that maybe 20, 22, 23% more likely, bracing for the reality. what does that mean for companies? what does that mean for the economy? >> we are still talking about a boosted corporate profits of at least 9%. 22% number is a bit aggressive. that will be something and it will be a 25% and you still are going to be in excess of 5%. next are the consensus looking for something close to 11% on the s&p 500 corporate profit
5:46 am
growth, especially if you throw in another aspect of god is the repeat show you shame. to the extent it increases dividends in things that i should make investors pretty happy. lauren: certainly will. where do you think the market would do? what the market go for that tax reform passed? >> vetoed a 5% increase or a little bit more on corporate profits. the s&p 500 but the earnings ratio you are in right now. a nice boost in since the market expectation of getting it have been so low for so long, if we start to see this as possible of the word. >> anthony chan. then scott anthony. tracee: we told you about all the protests this weekend but there is actual football being played including a late night
5:47 am
game between the washington redskins and the oakland raiders. just one home run away from a rookie record. jared max has your sports. and then there's this to boldly go to new york. we will tell you about the "star trek" discovery spaceship that stored across the new york city skyline. stock futures not so in this weekend. they are down slightly. dow futures down about 12 points. you are watching "fbn:am." what did we do before phones?
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lauren: check this out if you looked up and saw spaceship saturday night you're not imagining things.
5:51 am
the discovery station did fire at the manhattan skyline promoting the premiere of cbs recreation of the "star trek" series. the spacecraft well known to "star trek" fans made two trips around before returning to die. the show has received positive reviews and tape to bed last night. cheryl: basically like a drone. all right, while our nfl sunday was dominated by what took place during the national anthem, the games themselves are actually really great. lauren: jared max is back with the highlights. >> great to be back in talking about sports. imagine that. one game ended on a 61-year-old field goal. another one when the video return to touchdown. a common thread through sundays grants with protesters in the national anthem and it continued with the sunday night game between the raiders and redskins.
5:52 am
washington cousin chris thompson 74-yard touchdown 3336 yards. redskins for 72-128. green bay packers 21-7 at halftime tied in overtime when aaron rodgers does the game-winning touchdown. he went down. 17 seconds left. green bay wins 27-24. 90 degrees yesterday, expected to be 50 for 30 skeins. overtime 73-yard score turns out he stepped out of bounds. two plays later, jordan hayward -- jordan howard was 18 yards for a touchdown and they said the steelers back to the locker room. watch o. delta echo junior and
5:53 am
the new york giants. in reaching catch that 11 of two beautiful catchers yesterday. here comes the celebration. he says after the game because i'm a dog and he mimics a dog doing his business. andy got 15 yards for the unsportsmanlike conduct. 61-yard field goal. jake elliott, philly beats the new york giants who are now zero and three. tom brady threw for 378 yards. 30 seconds to go. brandon kirk's go-ahead touchdown. patriots win 33228. kareem hunt, and did you take to win your fantasy draft before the season? he's available nowhere now. first player in nfl history, first three weeks at least 50 yards. she said three nl. yesterday they beat the chargers 72 yards 24-10. lansdowne 30 to 26. the one yard line.
5:54 am
did he get a touchdown? the lion think they win and find out they did not win because the video replay overturned it. he did not cross the plane of the goal line. tonight the cowboys visiting arizona cardinals. the arizona diamondbacks yesterday clinched a playoff spot. they keep showing us all the protests. i can tell you is a sports fan in the guinness would be an amazing major league baseball season with other protest this weekend but nonetheless the diamondbacks went afterwards. players have been in the pool in aaron judge of the new york yankees said two more home runs. they're jumping in the pool. that's what the fans normally go. aaron judge hits 48 now. the next summer in aaron judge hits will tied to rookie season record. congratulations to justin thomas who picked up $10 million so he did not win the tour championship he did win the playoffs. $10 million richer.
5:55 am
great to talk about sports. cheryl: i do think i missed anything. i think i got it all. a big weekend. >> we want a cone of ice cream and we keep getting stirred fat-free yogurt or smoothies with kale and spinach and the thing you say i'm here for ice cream. because otherwise i'll find another ice cream shop. lauren: you can catch sports on fox news headlines on sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: well, she is staying put but with a little less power. german chancellor angela merkel not as decisive as she would've held. we are going to explain. going to london global markets. we will be right back. ♪
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free? yeah. could save thousands. you should probably buy me dinner. no. go to for a new home loan or refinance. receive up to five free offers and choose the loan that's right for you. our average customer could lower their monthly bills by over three hundred dollars. go to right now. lauren: german chancellor angela merkel better party did not win as much of as much as about four years ago. here to weigh in, sub for gold from "the wall street journal." starting to see short-term implications as a result. >> from an investor's perspective the stock market or shrugged it off. germany txo performing on a weaker euro but the very export oriented currency. short-term implications have put
5:59 am
pressure on the euro effectively what investors are worried about the we are more likely than before to see a long period of uncertainty around the shape of the next government in a more fragmented government as well as a little bit of concern about the fact that you saw such a surge in support for far right party despite skeptical european integration with the better they? what investors minds this week. >> the big issue immigration correct or the right-wing candidate gave promised because they disagree with their stance on immigration. >> a lot of analysts pointing to that is a big factor. you saw a loss of support not just for her party, but as well for coalition partner and again you now how quite a different parliament potentially then you had before blakely related to the immigration issue as well as
6:00 am
others playing a role in this. lauren: sub for gold, thank you for having me. tragedy that is it for us. over two maria bartiromo for mornings at early. trade to get, september 5th. top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the health care battle on capitol hill on capitol hill on capitol hill as republicans push forward with another effort to repeal interface obamacare. president trump called out those fighting against this bill. >> i've been watching for seven years as the republicans they repeal and replace. then you have john mccain voted no for whatever reason. everything you talk about happens to be particularly good for us. i don't know what they are doing, but eventually we will win whether it now or later. train to the health care debate comes as the white house prepares to tackle another key agenda tax


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